work in progress is a blog about what happens in my life and everything that interests me.

Keywords for my blog are software and software development from both a technical and more process-oriented view. More “active” categories in my life include golf, cycling and skiing.

So then. Who am I at work?

I am Trond. Currently I work as a senior software consultant for Mesan in Oslo, Norway. Most of my time is spent developing Java EE applications for our customers. I am a great believer of agile software development and project management and I am a certified ScrumMaster. The agile way of thinking may be awkward and hard to grasp for some, but I try to influence the minds of the people around me and make the world a better place :)
Much of my thinking is also influenced by the Open Source community. I tend to prefer OS products over proprietary ones when I have the chance and they are “equal enough” in terms of performance and functionality.
Some keywords for my experiences so far include Agile, Scrum, Hibernate, Spring framework, Maven, Integration, Domain-Driven Design and Test-Driven- and Model-Driven-Development.
I guess I am one of those lucky few who get paid to work with just about everything I am interested in :)

So then. Who am I off work?

I am Trond. During the (way to short) summer months I play golf and ride my bike on the many trails through the forests around Oslo. In winter, I go skiing, both alpine and cross-country. Love it all.
I need music, and listen to music just about all the time I can. Most of my music would be categorized as rock. Both new and older rock is fine, but most of the (pop-)things that plague the top of the charts is out of my main field of interest. Rock is best enjoyed with a beer in one hand and a band on the stage in front of you. Because of this I can often be found at a concert in one of the many bars and music halls in Oslo.

Is that it?

For now it is.

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